Puma HD Water Based OAT Coolant (Premix)

  • Coolant Premix
  • Carboxylate Technology
  • Compatibility

Technical Data Sheet

Puma HD Water Based OAT Coolant (Pre-mix) is an environmentally friendly water based engine coolant that contains proprietary organic acid technology (OAT). This product is free of ethylene glycol, silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrates, nitrites and amines. It is fully compatible with other similarly formulated OAT coolants. Our OAT coolant corrosion inhibitors are blended at optimum ratio to provide a very long service life and show little depletion from original levels during extensive laboratory and fleet testing. It provides excellent protection in petrol, diesel and gas engines, in, buses, tractors, trucks, industrial equipment and mining equipment. It can be used where an anti-freeze anti-boil product is not specified.

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